Information Systems Department :

    The department of information system is a part of the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah information technology College , it offers the Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and The Management Information Systems. The basic objective of the Computer Information Systems Department is to generate highly skilled professionals to meet the growing market demands in Information Technology and Systems. The curriculum of the Department puts significant emphasis on technology driven solution packages, to make the student's skill compatible with needs of local and international companies and organizations. Skillful Management of Information Systems has proved to be a key parameter for the success of any organization and demands thorough knowledge as well as competency for the adaptability to new IT driven solutions. The basic objective of the Management Information Systems Department is to generate highly qualified students to be effective users and managers of information technology and systems in the current environment of the technology- enabled business firms.

    The curriculum for this department is designed to:

  • Ensure that students will receive excellent knowledge on the function to which computers are applied in organizations,
  • Ensure that students will get good Knowledge and training on the design and development of computing applications in the area of Web Publishing and E -Business,
  • Make sure that information technology knowledge will foster students' capability and creativity in decision making, as well as will serve to engage students' in meaningful problem- solving activities.