Academic guidance committees were formed in the Information Systems Department during session number (1/2023/2024) for the academic year 2023/2024 as follows:

Academic Guidance Committee for the Management Information Systems (MIS) specialization:

Dr. Khaled Al-Faqih / First-year students
Dr. Mohammed Al-Kofahi / Second-year students
Dr. Baraa Shdeifat / Third-year students
Dr. Fatima Al-Khawaldeh / Fourth-year students
Academic Guidance Committee for the Computer Information Systems (CIS) specialization:

Dr. Mohammed Al-Shurah / First-year students
Dr. Mohammed Al-Sharaa / Second-year students
Dr. Fayez Al-Khazaaleh / Third-year students
Dr. Anas Jibrin / Fourth-year students​