Faculty Brief

The Vision of the College of Finance and  Business Administration is to make every effort to be recognized as a leading College in the Arab Region and the Muslim world, while meeting international standards for excellence in economics and business education.  Its mission is to provide the business community with high quality graduates who are competitive in leadership and research at national and regional level, and to graduate professionals who can support the Jordanian economic developments. The college includes four departments: Finance, Accounting, Economics of Finance and Business  , and Business Administration.

The mission of the of the collage of finance Business Administration supports the overall mission of the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the University of Al al-Bayt in providing students with competence to pursue excellence and with active leadership in national and regional economies.  Teaching and training of students is designed for a wide range of careers in business in either profit or non-profit projects of small, medium, or large organizations that focus primarily on domestic and regional businesses and market demands.  For example, promotion of small-and-mid-size enterprises has been highlighted recently by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in its latest report (2005).  Consequently, students are motivated to acquire a comprehensive range of analytical, problem-solving, and professional skills that are increasingly valued in industry, commerce, education, government, and non-profit marketing organizations.


Prof. Bahjat Al-jawazneh, Dean