The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences aims to fulfill the following objectives:

First Objective: Acad​emic excellence through:

  1. Attracting distinguished faculty members
  2. Providing outstanding educational services
  3. Developing study plans
  4. Establishing and developing relationships with business schools at the local, regional and global levels

The second objective: Excellence in scientific research through:

  1. Advancement in research work
  2. Providing distinguished databases to serve researchers
  3. Paying attention to master theses in terms of topics and supervision

The third goal: practical excellence through:

  1. Linking between the study plans of courses and reality
  2. Openness to the business environment.
  3. Interacting with the local community.

Fourth Objective: Achieving international standards for the development of business colleges through:

  1. Developing the work of quality units within the faculty.
  2. Linking the current reality with global accreditation criteria to be applied.


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences believes in a number of values:

First: Creating an organizational culture that ensures:

  1. Scientific and academic integrity and honesty
  2. Commitment to professional ethics required by academic work
  3. Commitment to personal and educational morals, which will be reflected on future generations positively

Second: Commitment to the laws and instructions issued by:

  1. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  2. Higher Education Accreditation Commission - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  3. Al al-Bayt University

Third: innovation through:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Encouraging and adopting initiatives
  3. Encouraging creative thought
  4. Creating a culture of competition and meaningful criticism