1.    Academic, practical, and research excellence:

  • Develop the School's abilities and capabilities to qualify business graduates who have competitive merits in the labor market.
  • Attract distinguished faculty members.
  • Improve the School's environment in a way that contributes to building and developing the students' personality, mentally and behaviorally.
  • Develop study plans through linking them with reality.
  • Enriching knowledge in economic and administrative sciences.
  • Improve the research level of students and faculty members by providing global databases and funding.

2.    Outreach between students, alumni and partners

  • Foster relations with local, Arab and international academic institutions.
  • Engage with local community institutions through active participation in activities and programs related to economy and administration.
  • Create strategic partnerships.

3.    Applying global standards for developing business schools through

  • Confirm the quality of educational and research programs as well as achieve the requirements of obtaining academic accreditation.
  • Develop the work of quality units within the school attempting to link the current reality with international accreditation standards.
  • Search for opportunities to expand our research and innovation while strengthening our existence in the market with full force.


First: Excellence, originality and justice
Responsible for providing the highest standards of our performance.

Second: Creativity, innovation and teamwork
We encourage innovation and creativity in order to enhance students' experiences and stay connected with everything that surrounds us while working in a team spirit.

Third: Integrity and commitment to regulations and laws

We adopt the highest ethical and behavioral standards in our work as well as commit to the work's laws and regulations.