The Center for Women’s Studies organizes a seminar entitled “Our Responsibility towards our Children to Protect them from C

On behalf of the President of Al al-Bayt University, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs Prof. Omar Al-Ateen, sponsored a seminar entitled “Our Responsibility towards our Children to Protect them from Crime" organized by the Center for Women's Studies. The seminar handled the causes of crime such as poverty, unemployment, and improper use of social media.

Former member of the Senate, Sheikh Talal Al-Mady, spoke about types of crimes from a clan perspective and stressed that responsibility before the crime is committed is a social responsibility. He indicated that crime is a violation of the morals established by a group explaining that crimes are committed due to several reasons including the weakness of religious and moral scruples, the corrupt environment, the difficult economic conditions, the abuse of intoxicants and narcotics, and the improper use of technological development.

Professor of Shari'a, Mohammad Al-Omari, talked about the concept and types of crime from a religious perspective highlighting that religious values and teachings restrict crimes and prevent them as they work on prevention before treatment. He also demonstrated the role of the family in protecting children from crime in light of the growing social media through what is called (Home friendship).

The Head of the Family Protection Department in Mafraq, Major Mohammad Obeidat, and from the Cybercrime Department at the Public Security Directorate, the First Lieutenant Rashid Abu Rahmah, presented a detailed explanation about the role of these two departments whether in raising awareness or following up on the abuses or violations committed by some persons and providing protection for individuals and families. They also talked about the types of electronic crimes and how to avoid them, the motives of committing a crime, and the personal ways of protection stressing that efforts should be focused to achieve society stability.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Haifa Al-Dalabeeh, stated that crime from the perspective of sociology and psychology depends on family guidance due to its significance in preventing the risk of crime. She also addressed the concept of family and its preventive role in reducing abnormal behavior.

The seminar, which was moderated by Dr. Bayan Al-Mady, the Director of the Center for Women's Studies, addressed the role of the family in monitoring and following up on children in various aspects of life. At the end, a discussion was carried out concerning the above issues between the attendees and ​