• The Investment Fund Department has been established since 2010, and the department and its cadres have spared no effort to advance the department within the fabric of the efforts exerted in pushing the university’s march forward and elevating it to t...

    Department in Brief

​​Estabieshment the investment fund since 2010, the department has spared no effort to promote the cadre circuit within the fabric of efforts in pushing forward he march of the university and to upgrade them to the desired level.
 Adistinguished group of experts and specialists are working on implementing the investment fund department's programs. The regulations and instructions have translated them into computerized accounting programs, and the fund department program has also been linked.

With investment circles associated with the Fund 's work with them to facilitate and accelerate the work and at the lowest costs. The fund seeks to invest in the circle of light available from its financial possibilities for the expansion of the investment process through the preparation of feasibility studies for investment projects that will benefit the Fund and to achieve.

profit. Also, the Fund seeks to expand the financing programs by increasing the financing periods and ceilings, reducing the Murabaha rates, and searching for funding sources for the Fund's programs within the university .

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