A training course on human rights at Al al-Bayt University

Bait Al-Hikmah Faculty of Political Science at Al al-Bayt University organized a training course on “Human Rights" introduced by trainer Riad Sobh of Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies. Sobh displayed the concepts of human rights, the most important international conventions ratified by Jordan in this field and the role of human rights organizations in raising public awareness of human rights and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

The Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Daradkeh, indicated the importance of such training courses in educating students and the local community on human rights and all forms of discrimination.

At the end of the course, Prof. Omar Falah Al-Ateen, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, honored the students participating in the course, in attendance of the Dean, Prof. Hani Akhu Ersheida, and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Sayel Al-Doghmi.​​​