​About the Department

The Department of Agriculture and Landscaping was established on 29/9/2021. It includes two divisions: Agricultural Business and Water Supplies. The Water Supplies Division is entrusted with managing the plants of water purification and drinking water, artesian wells and water harvesting within the university. Whereas the Agricultural Business Division is entrusted with managing agricultural works and prevention. The department is also responsible for maintaining the current agricultural project and managing water supplies in accordance with the available capabilities and work mechanisms of the programs prepared for this purpose within the framework of need and availability.


Agricultural Business Division

A total of half a million trees were planted, including (26) thousand olive trees that are taken care of by carrying out all the agricultural operations necessary to preserve them (weeding, boring, plowing, fertilizing, and preventive spraying operations, and so on). Several indoor gardens were established for the university edifices and taken care of in terms of landscaping, irrigating, cultivating, controlling agricultural pests and insects by spraying them with insecticides and fungicides, and controlling harmful weeds. Further, an agricultural nursery will be equipped, to plant annual plants as well as rear indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. The Department of Agriculture participates with the local community through cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture to develop and improve the agricultural project at the university.


Water Supplies Division:

The drinking water plant supplies the university with its daily need of water by storing the quantities of water received from the Water Authority in ground tanks. Further, the university has two artesian wells that are used to irrigate trees. The purification plant, through the sewage network, serves all university edifices by treating wastewater and reusing it as well as establishing water harvesting ponds to collect rainwater and use it in irrigating trees. The university also owns a drip irrigation network to irrigate trees. Moreover, the university is looking forward to linking the university edifices to the water harvesting project, and establishing soil ponds located on the canals to take advantage of the surface runoff.


Future Aspirations

  1. Preserving the aesthetic view of the university by planting and taking care of the trees and plants.