Objectives of the Center

1- Spreading awareness of the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship and ways to assist them, among students, university employees and members of the local community.

2- Attracting and encouraging innovators and creators of university students.

3- Adopting and promoting entrepreneurial ideas to turn into promising and viable economic projects, through business incubators.

4- Intellectual property protection and patent registration, management and licensing.

5- Reducing unemployment levels and increasing the amount of income when finding the capacity for entrepreneurship.

6- Working to provide the incubated students with the skills and knowledge competencies necessary for entrepreneurship.

7- Supporting pioneering projects through the business incubator provided by the center.

8- Directing the energies and enthusiasm of young minds in the appropriate direction and encouraging them to transform ideas into small-scale private projects.

9- Supporting the transformation of the university into an innovative and pioneering university

10- Interacting and exchanging information and develop professional contacts with national and international centers and institutions and participating in pioneering projects nationally and internationally.​