1. Rehabilitation of distinguished young enterpreneurs and innovators, and this is to turn from just being job seekers into SME owners. 

2. Studying the feasibility of investment ideas submitted by entrepreneurs and innovators and training the owners of these ideas on how to prepare them.

3. Holding enrichment lectures, seminars, workshops and training programs specialized in identifying entrepreneurs and innovators in various fields and ways of developing, directing and investing them.

4. Moral and material stimulation to unleash the energies of entrepreneurs and innovators latent among the distinguished members of the university community in all its categories and members of the local community. In addition to adopting incentives to hone, direct and develop these energies.

5. Opening channels of communication with the competent official authorities to register the intellectual property rights of innovators among university students and members of the local community.

6. Follow-up of distinguished, innovative and entrepreneurial people to determine the extent of the development of their skills and to overcome the difficulties they face.

7. Organizing competitions specialized in various fields of knowledge at the level of the university and the governorate as a prelude to honoring the innovative and feasible ideas in an attempt to adopt, dissemintat, support their work, and promote them domestically and internationally.

8. Supporting all educational, training and research activities that can lead to manufacturable and commercially marketable products, and provide them with distinguished technical services for their development.