Hosting the Rawabi Farah project.

Receiving more than 550 male and female students at the technical exhibition of the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from various university faculties to learn about modern technology and virtual reality.

Launching the innovation competition.

Holding a training course for the staff of the center and a group of students from the Faculty of Engineering in cooperation with the Jordan River Foundation and implemented by Robotna Company.

Holding a workshop for the Lebanese Center for Advanced Informatics Technologies.

Networking with King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence in Mafraq Governorate to see pioneering ideas and projects.

Nominating the names of 15 faculty members from the university to participate in a training program and workshop on the basics of leadership and innovation for a period of 5 days in cooperation with the National Program for Linking Industry to Academy.

Holding a free nine-hour course entitled (Basics and Rules of Arabic Grammar) for all the students at the university.

Holding a free twelve-hour course entitled (Basics and Rules of Writing) for all students at the university.

Announcing scholarships for entrepreneurial students by Plan International.

Visiting SAM Company to discuss the possibility of supporting the center with training workshops and the possibility of setting up a training program for students on campus.

Holding a workshop with SAM Company (Jordanian Creativity Factory) related to the subject of the fourth industrial revolution and augmented reality systems.

Holding a robotics maintenance workshop for university students.

Holding a workshop on leadership principles for the students.



Holding a lecture on "Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women of the Local Community" at Al al-Bayt University. 

Announcing the opening of registration for Al al-Bayt University students and the local community who have interests or orientations in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, or who have pioneering ideas and projects.

The Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship celebrates the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Signing the agreement of Sam Engineering and Trade Company / Jordan Innovation Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Signing the digital platform agreement for entrepreneurship development


Signing the National Employment and Training Company agreement.

Signing the Vocational Training Institution agreement.

Signing the agreement of the Dijla College of the National University in Iraq.

Signing the Jordan River Foundation agreement.

Signing an agreement for the Advanced Information Technology Center in Lebanon.

Signing an agreement with a platform company merging academics with industry.