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On behalf of myself and on behalf of the administrative staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is witnessing rapid qualitative changes and leaps at all economic, social and political levels. This change in the homeland coincides with the faith of His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect and preserve him, in the youth category and their high capabilities in keeping pace with these changes, as youth are the engine and the main pillar in advancing the economic wheel and achieving sustainable development. Therefore, the university sought to translate the vision and royal directives in empowering young people, helping them, motivating them, developing their capabilities, directing their youth energies towards innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship, and working to translate their ideas that meet the needs of the country. From this standpoint, the university set out to establish a center of excellence for innovation and entrepreneurship, adding the university's philosophy, vision and goals In teaching, research and community service, to embrace the creative and innovative ideas of the local community and the local innovative and pioneering students and staff of the university, and work to provide the capabilities and the appropriate environment, and an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship, by activating the relationship with the public and private sectors.

In light of today's changing world, our mission lies in the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to consolidate the concept of entrepreneurship and encourage innovation in order to make a positive economic and social impact, based on the university's strategy consistent with the royal vision for the development of human resources, whose main pillar is investing in the future of our children, the pillar of our renaissance and wealth We are keen to provide a fertile, appropriate and stimulating environment to support students, members of the teaching and administrative staff, and the local community in order to keep pace with the challenges of this era with its knowledge tools and modern technical means that support pioneering and innovative thought and enhance its concepts, encourage the establishment and implementation of private entrepreneurial projects, and develop the entrepreneurial spirit. Work and build for a bright Jordan future, a future whose title is excellence and whose essence is creativity.

You can learn more about the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship by browsing the center's website. We also welcome you and are fully prepared to receive your suggestions and opinions, which contribute to the development and progress of the center.​

Director of the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Hatem Hashem Al-Masaeid​

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