About the college

The Institute of Architecture and Islamic Arts (the name was later changed to the Department of Architecture) was established at Al al-Bayt University in 1994 to serve the university's main goals, which aim to enhance the sense of belonging to Islamic civilization and its values in addition to introducing its civilizational heritage and achievements, all within the framework of The university's vision aims to make efforts to develop the various fields of science among Muslims, especially in an attempt to reconnect science with its Islamic origins.


    In 2002, the Department of Architecture began offering a bachelor's program in architecture, where the department received about 70 students from all over Jordan. The introduction of this program was within the framework of the university's endeavor to develop new disciplines that fulfill the hopes and needs of the community, in addition to providing the opportunity for students from all over Jordan in general and for the people of Mafraq and its surroundings, in particular, to study architecture engineering without having to go through the hardship of traveling to other universities within the cities of the Kingdom or traveling abroad.


And in 2010, new specializations were created to keep pace with the requirements of the Jordanian market, such as civil engineering and surveying engineering, then the Department of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering was created at the beginning of 2013/2014 academic year.



  1. Develop engineering sciences in all fields.
  2. Providing the local community with distinguished competencies in engineering sciences.
  3. Preparing a generation of engineers capable of raising the industrial and development level in Jordan.
  4. Develop an appropriate climate for scientific research in various engineering fields.