Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering since it is a home of more than 20 dedicated faculty and most of our faculty members hold doctorate degrees from world-class universities and more than 1800 undergraduate students.

The Faculty is proud of its graduates who are well equipped scientifically and technologically to pursue their endeavors in graduate studies, or local, and international markets.

Faculty of Engineeringfacilities include numerous lecturing halls in addition to several associated facilities and laboratories that are furnished with state of the art equipment that are suitable to conduct advanced teaching and research works. In addition to this, our laboratories are used to provide services to the local community.

The Faculty of Engineering was established in 2010. Since then, it has grown beyond expectations and has won praise from industry and government leaders, and our graduates are highly sought in the local and regional market.

This is an exciting time to be a student at the Faculty of Engineering at Al al-Bayt University as we continue to grow and enhance our programs to regional and international eminence. I encourage students to fully embrace and take full advantage of the rich learning environment available at Al al-Bayt University.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Mo’ayyad Shawaqfah 

​Full Bio: ​Dr Moayyad Shawaqfah CV.pdf


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