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Energy occupies various sources and types a prominent place in our lives, as an important economic indicator in industry, agriculture and transport areas, the development of civilization has led to a growing demand for high power rates significantly and accompanied by a comprehensive growth in the most dynamic sectors in the country.
Energy Studies has become a vital and pressing issue and are required in various developed and developing countries of the world, including energy research, for example, the development of sources and methods of exploitation and application, so that they cover the successful techniques of conventional and renewable energies, so the University of the house through the establishment of renewable and sustainable energy engineering program We will follow with interest the graduation of engineers specialized renewable energy technology, as well as applied research concerning the development of the exploitation of conventional and renewable energies through national projects and programs of international cooperation, which in turn will help to document the correlation between Jordanian universities and development and field applications research centers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The bachelor's program in renewable and sustainable energy engineering is one of the methods and systems used for the generation and distribution of energy from sustainable and renewable sources.
You can engineer renewable energy work in the following areas: industry, educational institutions, ministries of energy, electricity, renewable energy, electricity and other institutions dealing with energy and sustainability of companies. As well as to provide the Arab and regional markets specialized manpower in the field of renewable energy and sustainable architecture capable for economic and social development and localization of technology in the specialties needed by the labor market service.
I've been Asthat Department of renewable energy and sustainable engineering with the beginning of the 2013/2014 academic year, and this site welcome all students and visitors respected.

Head Of Department
Dr. Alhaj-Saleh Odat 

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