Enseigner la grammaire francaise en classe de FLE : Quelles methodes faut-il adopter?r
Grammar is considered as a very important skill for teaching /learning of any foreign language. Its acquisition allows the learner to become familiar with the functions of the language and to develop their language skills. Jordanian students who choose French Language as a specialty at the university face several problems while learning this language. The acquisition of grammatical competence is one of those major problems encountered. French grammar is characterized by its difficulty. It is different from Arabic grammar or English grammar. In this article, we will see the opinions of our learners regarding the teaching/learning of French grammar in the classroom. A questionnaire is intended for our students in order to have a more precise idea of their needs and their expectations. This research and our questionnaire aim to answer some questions such as: What status/rank does French grammar occupy in a class of French as a foreign language? According to our students, what methods should be adopted to teach French grammar in the class? Why do Jordanian students encounter problems in acquiring French grammar? What are the possible didactic proposals that can help us improve the teaching/learning of grammar in a class of French as a foreign language?
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