About Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, which began functioning at Al Albayt University in 1994, has been always carrying out the University's philosophy, vision and objectives in teaching, research and community service.

       Between 1994 and 2005, the Faculty had the name ‘the Faculty of Arts and Science’, and it used to have nine departments: Arabic Language and Literature, History, Education and Psychology, English Language and Literature, Translation (Modern languages), Chemistry, Physics, Biological Science, Computer Science and Mathematics. However, since the beginning of the academic year 2005/ 2006, a new skeleton of the faculty under a new name “the Faculty of Arts and Humanities" has been constructed in consequence of the restructuring renovations carried out in the administrative and the academic frameworks of Al-Albayt University. The recalibrated Faculty consists of six academic departments: the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, which affords ‎undergraduates and postgraduates High Diploma in Arabic Language and Literature for Non-Native Speakers and Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees in Arabic Language and Literature. It also includes the Department of English Language and Literature, which offers students ‎Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Language and Literature along with the Department of History, which awards Bachelor's and Master's degrees ‎in History. Three additional departments are integrated as well: the Department of Modern Languages, which provides  Bachelor's degree in ‎French Language and Literature; the Department of Facultative Humanitarian Requirements, which was set up in the academic year 2016/ 2017; and the Department of Applied Geography, which was founded in the academic year 2019/2020,  and it offers Bachelor's degree to university students of speciality.

      In view of the increasing necessity for launching an independent faculty of foreign languages, both the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Modern Languages have been reallocated to the newly- established Faculty, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, a consolidation that took place in the academic year 2022/ 2023.

        Most of all, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities looks forward to developing new qualitative specialities, which meet the needs of the local, national and international community in the fields of humanities and social sciences, such as philosophy, media, archeology, tourism, demography, anthropology, and sociology.