Second Semester
Start Date
End Date
End Teaching staff vacation 2016-02-07  
Drop/add period 2016-02-07 2016-02-11
Second semester classes begin 2015/2016 2016-02-14  
Last day to change the incomplete for students on probation 2016-02-18  
First exams period starts 2016-03-13  
Deadline for the submission of First Exams Results 2016-03-17  
Second exams period starts 2016-04-17  
Deadline for the submission of Second Exams Results 2016-04-28  
labor Day 2016-05-01  
Deadline for submission of the committees of the Council of Graduate Studies 2016-05-05  
Drop period ends 2016-05-05  
Registration for Summer semester 2014\2015 2016-05-08  
comprehensive exam for second semester 2016-05-15  
Deadline for the defense of graduate theses/dissertation 2016-05-26  
Deadline for the acceptance of graduate theses/dissertation 2016-05-19  
Independence Day 2016-05-25  
Deadline for incomplete exams 2016-05-26  
Start Final Exams 2016-05-29  
Deadline for the delivery of theses as the final Master 2016-06-07  
End Final Exams 2016-06-09  
Deadline for submission of exams results by faculty 2016-06-13  
Adoption of the graduates of the second semester 2016-06-16  
Teaching staff vacation after graduatation day