​Faculty Council

     Faculty Board Members


1.DeanProf. Mohammad AlKhatib
2.Acting Deputy Dean for Academic AffairsDr. Aymen Taani
3.Acting Chair, Arabic Language and Literature DepartmentDr. Nart Qakhoon
4.Representative of Arabic Language and Literature DepartmentProf. Zayd  Al Qarallah
5.Acting Chair, History and Applied Geography DepartmentDr. Ala'a Sa'adeh
6.Representative of History and Applied Geography DepartmentDr. Mohammed Alessa
7.Acting Chair, English language and literature  DepartmentDr. Kifah Alqadi
8.Representative of  English language and literature  DepartmentDr. Ahmad Al-Shareef
9.Acting Chair,  Modern LanguagesDr. Mohammad Nahar Al-Zoubi
10.Representative of  Modern LanguagesProf. Wael Al-Rabadi
11.Acting Chair, Facultative Humanitarian RequirementsDr. Mahmoud Al-Qedah  
12.Representative of Facultative Humanitarian Requirements DepartmentProf. Abdelkarem Jaradat​