Objectives :
The Center aims to achieve the University's goals in serving the Arab community in general, and the Jordanian community in particular as follows:

  1. Provide consultancy, technical services and studies to institutions of the public and private sectors, within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with the aim of raising the level of performance in these institutions.
  2. Develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in the training programs offered by the center in a way that is positively reflected on their level of performance to enable them to contribute to the development of society and increase production and effectiveness in the administrative, financial, technical and information technology fields.
  3. Design training programs and develop training plans necessary for their implementation.
  4. Develop the technical expertise of the University's employees and capabilities introduce services to the community.
  5. Keep pace with technical developments in terms of providing training rooms and a computer lab with all educational and technical means that serve the objectives of training.

Seek to set up training sites for the center in the various governorates.