About  Center

Center for Consultations, Technical Services and Community Development is an administrative unit that is directly linked with the Presidency of Al al-Bayt University.

The Center was established in 1996 for the purpose of introducing technical, developmental and guidance services to the local community in Al-Mafraq Governorate and others in addition to concluding agreements for cooperation and exchange in various fields. Moreover,it provides academic, administrative, financial, economic, industrial, developmental and agricultural consultations in all sectors and categories in Al-Mafraq and other governorates. Further, it holds specialized courses to qualify the university staff for leading and administrative positions in accordance with the employees’ regulations. Such courses are senior and middle management courses and others.

The center also aims to organize and manage workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, programs and training diplomas in order to develop the scientific and professional qualifications of the participants in these activities, as well as to ensure continuity of developing and qualifying the trainers. Moreover, it seeks to conclude cultural, practical and training agreements with government institutions and private centers to contribute to local development as the center is considered to be the link that connects the University with the local community through the training courses offered to this community. These courses cover various knowledge and professional fields such as computer, languages, administrative courses, and accounting, in addition to annual training courses in the disciplines of (information security, digital marketing, network engineering, hospital management and medical records, application programming, smart phones, office management and secretarial) and others.

Center for Consultations, Technical Services and Community Development believes in advisory and training work and introducing technical services.

Your inquiries, suggestions and comments are welcome to achieve continuous improvement and transform the vision, mission and goals into achievable implementation plans.