Director Message :

 The Center for Consultations, Training and Capacity Building Center represents the University gateway to the local community; it is also considered an edifice that always seeks to provide distinguished elite of armed people with knowledge and skill. Al al-Bayt University, since its establishment, believed in the mission of providing means of fields and disciplines. Basically, the Center was founded in accordance with visions seeking to establish adequate educational and training bridges. The Center was established to be the University’s arm in implementing its vision and investing continuous education, keeping pace with promoting skills and acquiring experiences in various its scientific, human and material capabilities to contribute to the desired comprehensive development. This is based on serving the University itself, the local community, and then the regional and international communities, through providing technical and administrative advice, training in an advanced scientific way, and strengthening the capabilities of individuals and institutions to achieve this goal. The Center is also permanently concerned with the development, qualification and knowledge needs of all sectors of Jordanian society. It seeks to provide these needs using the energies and qualified cadres at Al al-Bayt University and the partnerships that the University sets up with the public and private sectors as well as other concerned parties inside and outside the country.

Community service is the essence of our work in economic, health, educational and social aspects, believing that the role of universities exceeds academic roles to provide training for all components of our beloved country.

In this center, we believe in teamwork and seek to develop our capabilities through a group capable of providing all means of success.

Director of the Consultation, Training and Capacity Building Centre

Dr. Ali Nouh Al-Qudah.

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