Al al-Bayt University participates in the Workshop of Jordanian Accreditation Standards for Academic Programs

Dr. Majed Ibrahim, Director of Academic Accreditation/Quality and Development Center, participated in the Workshop of Jordanian Accreditation Standards for New Academic Programs, which was held by the Accreditation Commission for Higher Education Institutions at the Applied Science University. This is in light of the continuation of the Accreditation Commission's quality under the patronage of Prof. Dhafer Al-Sarayrah, President of the Commission, and Prof. Iman Al-Bashiti, President of the University of Applied Sciences. The workshop aimed to introduce the new standards for the accreditation and quality of academic programs in an effort to improve learning outcomes in all Jordanian higher education institutions where several axes were discussed.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Dalal'a presented these axes, then Dr. Firas Al-Azzeh addressed the Jordanian accreditation standards for academic programs, followed by a presentation of the guide for measuring accreditation standards by Dr. Hussein Ayoub. A Guide for Accreditation standards procedures was displayed by Dr. Bilal Zaqiba from Jadara University, and Dr. Firas Al-Azzeh concluded the workshop by presenting models of the standards.

Dr. Majed Ibrahim, in turn, indicated that Al al-Bayt University is committed to applying accreditation and quality standards for all academic programs to improve learning outcomes at the University. He added that there will be coordination with all stakeholders at the University to implement and follow up on these standards.

The workshop was held in attendance of the Vice-President of the Commission, Prof. Zaid Al-Anbar, Prof. Zaid Al-Bashayrah, Prof. Saad Bani Mohammad, and Dr. Omar Sa'afna. The meeting was also attended by a delegation consisting of deans and experts from the schools of nursing and pharmacy, and quality managers from public and private universities.