The European Policies towards the Problem of Migration from the Arab Spring Countries
This study aims to discuss the policies adopted by the European countries towards migrations before and after the Arab Spring revolutions and the consequences of these migrations. The study also highlighted the partnership agreement to promote freedom of movement and to ensure a better life for migrants. The researchers followed the descriptive analytical approach in order to find out the details of the European policies applied to the migration issues that followed the Arab spring revolutions. The comparative approach was also used in the course of which the researcher discussed European policies towards migration before and after the Arab Spring revolutions. The study also concluded that the Arab Spring revolutions had a significant impact on the movement of migration from Arab Spring countries, especially from Syria, Libya and Yemen. Also, Arab migration to Europe is a major challenge for the European Union countries, which led Europe to dialogue with the countries of the southern Mediterranean, to ensure the achievement of the best possible results for all parties. Therefore, the Arab Spring countries have participated in various forms of cooperation with EU countries in order to control borders and manage the migration from and across the Arab region towards EU countries, especially Italy and Spain.
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