Memoranda of understanding with international universities

In light of the university's orientation towards networking with international scientific institutions, the President's Adviser for Education Technology, Quality and International Accreditation, Prof. Mansour Matarneh, held four meetings during the past two weeks, in preparation for signing international memoranda of understanding with the University of North Carolina in the USA, Alberta and Memorial Universities in Canada. The impact of this cooperation will positively reflect on the university as it provides an opportunity to exchange experiences, students and faculty members. These memoranda will be beneficial for the academic programs intended to be opened at the university within its strategic plan, which will contribute to the accreditation of international standards of study plans.

It was also agreed with those universities to provide a discount for our students on scholarships from the university to the parties to sign memorandums of understanding with, which will range from a 50% reduction to a full discount on fees.

In this context, Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, President of Al al-Bayt University, blessed this step because of its significant impact on placing the university on the global map and opening the way for constructive relations with prestigious international universities to be positively reflected on the global level of the university's programs, students and faculty.​​