Al al-Bayt University holds a free medical day

Deputizing for the President of Al al-Bayt University, the Vice President for Quality and Planning, Prof. Bassam Al-Mahasneh, inaugurated the free medical day for the local community, staff and students, which is held in cooperation between the University's Community Development Center, Irbid Specialty Hospital and Sharif Eye Center.

Al-Mahasneh had a look at the clinics, indicating that this cooperation with the local community is beneficial for the employees and students, providing care and medical examinations and conducting health tests. He stressed that the university is keen to provide and develop everything that would serve the surrounding community and enhance motivation and belonging to the university and homeland.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Sayel Al-Sarhan, stated that the Deanship provided the activities hall to hold this activity, believing in the benefit that would accrue to the university's staff and local community and reducing financial costs to preserve their health. He pointed out that summer semester is going to witness holding many of these days with different specializations.

Director of the Community Development Center, Dr. Abeer Tleilan, indicated that the medical day comes in cooperation with civil society institutions and the local community in the city of Mafraq. She explained that this day included a general medicine clinic, an eye clinic, and blood pressure and diabetes tests, which benefited the local community, university students and workers.

The medical day was attended by the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Mufleh Thyabat, Director of Alumni Affairs, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Assistant Dean Saleh Al-Rawashdeh, and a number of university employees.