Al al-Bayt University placed in the Shanghai Global Ranking, and Nursing is ranked 204 in the 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects and in the second place locally

Nursing discipline at Al al-Bayt University ranked 204 among two thousand universities by the Shanghai Global Ranking, and maintained its second place at the level of Jordanian universities.

Shanghai Ranking is a global ranking that evaluates the quality of universities based on four indicators:

  • First: the quality of education and university courses offered. What to consider here is the number of the institution's graduates and the number of students who have won a Nobel Prize, medals or decorations (10%).
  • Second: the quality of faculties and academic staff by knowing whether the professors or researchers have won a Nobel Prize, medals or decorations (20%), and whether their research is considered basic and strong references for others (20%).
  • Third: the total of recognized scientific research published in the best peer-reviewed journals during the past five years, carried out in the laboratories of these universities and by their researchers and professors (40%).
  • Fourth: Per Capita Performance, which is a means of determining the cognitive and academic development of the university as a whole according to each student, and the amount of the university's expenditure on scientific research (10%). The credibility and transparency of this ranking is enhanced by the fact that it is based on easily accessible data on the Internet.

Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, in turn, congratulated the University family on this achievement, adding that Shanghai Ranking is one of the most important and most influential rankings on the international academic map, as it includes universities, for example, but not limited to:

Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He pointed out that this achievement is credited to Princess Salma Faculty of Nursing for the excellence of its faculty research which is published in international databases. It should be noted that the university administration directed the Quality and Development Center to develop a plan to ensure the progress of the university's ranking in global ranking institutions, which will contribute to the marketing of the university and its programs. It also directed the efforts of both academic and administrative staff to achieve the university's visions towards globalization, that resulted in placing the University into the Shanghai Global Ranking, which is regarded as a real embodiment of the administration's interest in the academic aspect and scientific research at Al al-Bayt University and achieving its global vision.

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