A seminar on geospatial technologies at Al al-Bayt University

Within the Scientific Week's activities of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Al al-Bayt University, the Department of Applied Geography organized a seminar entitled “Geospatial Techniques and their Geographical Applications" under the auspices of the Acting President of the University, Prof. Omar Al-Ateen, and in attendance of the Vice President for Planning and Development, Prof. Bassam AL-Mahasneh.

Al-Ateen confirmed that Al al-Bayt University is keen to hold all events that would transfer knowledge and science to students highlighting that these scientific days are nothing but the fruit of an appreciated effort by the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Applied Geography in cooperation with Jordanian institutions and universities, which ultimately serves the local community.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Prof. Mohammad Al-Khatib, stated that the significance of this seminar lies in the participation of many distinguished professors of geography from Al al-Bayt University and Jordanian universities to achieve the greatest benefit for students.

Head of the Applied Geography Department and Head of the Preparatory Committee, Dr. 'Ayed Al-Adamat, explained that the Department of Applied Geography, despite its recent inception, was keen to hold this scientific event to emphasize the importance of geospatial technologies and their applications in all its natural, human and economic branches as well as to exchange experiences among specialists, as these technologies became very important in the management and employment of resources, environmental conservation, sustainable development and natural disasters. Dr. Al-Adamat presented a paper in which he explained the most prominent applications of GIS in addressing diseases and epidemics (the Corona pandemic as a model).

Dr. Khaled Hazaimeh of Yarmouk University handled the importance of remote sensing for monitoring agricultural drought; whereas Eng. Hamza Rasras of InfoGraph company presented the latest geospatial applications of ESRI.

Dr. Hamza Bani Khaled from the Department of Applied Geography also dealt with "Geospatial uses in managing crises and natural disasters".

The student, Yara Malkawi, from the Department of Applied Geography, presented some applications of GIS in tourism and archeology.

At the end of the seminar, which was moderated by Khaled Bani Khaled, a discussion about the importance of applications of geography in many areas of life took place among the attendees.