Malaysian delegation discusses aspects of academic cooperation with Al al-Bayt University

President of Al al-Bayt University, Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, met with the Malaysian Cultural Attaché, Dr. Radwan Abdul Rashid, and the accompanying delegation from Malaysian universities included President of the Islamic University, Dr. Mohammad Farid Abdullah, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Abdul Raziq Zaini, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Nour Hussein, and the Dean of the College of Islamic Studies, Dr. Mohammad Razel bin Jahari, Head of the Media Unit at the University, Nour Moez bin Mohammad Salih.
The meeting aimed to discuss ways of academic cooperation, exchanging research and scientific experiences, and attracting more Malaysian students to study at Al al-Bayt University, especially that the University hosts students of the Islamic world who study Sharia, Arabic and other disciplines. Al-Dmour stressed that the University gives international students all the necessary care through a specialized department established for this purpose in the Deanship of Student Affairs. He pointed out that the University is keen to establish academic relations with various higher education institutions in Malaysia and establish joint programs concerned with Sharia and the Arabic language for non-native speakers, as well as exchange of meetings and visits, students and researchers. He added that the University has made clear steps in the field of international rankings as a result of achieving quality standards in various fields of knowledge and academics.
The Malaysian cultural attaché, in turn, praised the role of the University in serving Malaysian students and providing the appropriate environment for study expressing the desire to delegate more Malaysian students to study at Al al-Bayt University in the future.
The President of the Islamic University emphasized the depth of the relations that bind him with Jordan and Al al-Bayt University pointing out that he returned to visit the place where he used to live. He indicated that the purpose of the visit is to communicate and consolidate the relationship between the two universities explaining that Al al-Bayt University alumni enjoy a good reputation in Malaysia.
On the sidelines of the visit, Prof. Al-Dmour signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Islamic Sciences for joint cultural and educational exchange between the two parties.
It should be noted that the President of the Islamic University of Malaysia was one of the graduates of the Faculty of Sharia in 2000. He returned to Al al-Bayt University after 20 years as head of the Malaysian delegation.
The meeting was attended by the Vice Presidents Prof. Bassam Al-Mahasneh and Prof. Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof. Mohammad Al-Khatib, President Assistant for International Marketing, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hadab, the Director of the Language Center, Dr. Youssef Abu Dalbouh, and the Director of Public Relations and Media, Dr. Reem Al-Zoubi. At the end of the meeting, the Malaysian delegation, accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Prof. Ahmed Al-Qaralla, toured the Faculty and met with its academics, where they were briefed on its departments, programs and publications.​