Director of the Media Institute lecture at the University of Al al-Bayt

At the invitation of al-Bayt University, the Director of JMI Bassem Tweissi lecture on the emergence of Jordan Media Institute independent national institution working to train and rehabilitate the building of national media capabilities in order to create a new style of media types in Jordan, which focuses on the practical side of journalistic work more than one side theoretical, where the institute offers a master's degree in media in collaboration with Columbia University and focuses on applied activities and academic exchanges between students.

And Dr. Tweissi the need to empower the Arab youth on how to deal with the various media that chokes cyberspace which requires full awareness of aspects of the hidden agendas of any media outlet, and politics editorial followed in media institutions and develop the sense of cash for different media.

And Dr. Tweissi importance of media education project in Jordanian universities, who will start from the Al-Bayt University and the University of Al-Hussein Bin Talal.

Dr. statement Chancellor of the hill in the Jordan Media Institute showed the importance of hiring media professional, accuracy and objectivity in journalistic work to reduce the error rate and the media need to adhere to the ethics of the media work and stay away from hate speech and discrimination between groups in society.

At the end of the lecture, which was moderated by the Dean of the House of Wisdom Institute Prof. Dr. Mohammed Miqdad and among them that the media is a double-edged weapon that must be dealt with very carefully and accurately, has been extensive dialogue between the audience about media education.