The President of the University is the international student ambassador of Jordan in their countries
The President of the University met Prof. Dr. Zia El-Din Arafa in the presence of the Vice-Presidents Dr. Mohamed El-Daroubi, Dr. Mohamed El-Khalayleh, Dr. Ali Abu Ghonaima, the representative of the Iraqi students studying at the university, the student Imad Ahmed El-Thalab El-Jubouri.
Dr. Arafa Bin said that the university has moved beyond the local to the world and is happy to have students from all over the world receiving the knowledge and knowledge in a comfortable environment dominated by love, affection, security and safety, bringing them together for good, knowledge and science.
 Dr. Arafa stressed the keenness of the university to provide the best for foreign students and serve them for the benefit of their countries, noting that the international students are ambassadors of Jordan in their countries. And that the university is preparing to hold a meeting for graduate students to maintain communication with them in various locations.
On behalf of the Iraqi students, the student representative thanked the university for the hospitality, the generosity and the generosity of giving and science, providing information and knowledge to the students, facilitating their stay in the university and alleviating the difficulties facing them to complete their studies at various levels.