University President patronizes graduation cohort eighteenth second semester ceremony

Sponsored Al al-Bayt University President Prof. Dr. Ziauddin Arafa Graduation eighteenth second semester ceremony and 1,900 students from various colleges and institutes of the university, in the field of Salahuddin Ayoubi university.

Said Dr. Arafa: in every sense of joy and good pleasure, I am pleased to rush to our dear in this morning Allowada filled with a smile this new constellation of graduates of the University of Al al-Bayt, gift Jordanian homeland, which Nfdi Palmej and spirits, the Hashemite and leadership which Twant in support of this university that bears the name Al al-Bayt pure, and for the people who have long patience and endured for the joy of the graduation of their loved ones on this day is complete, they have energized the springs of science and knowledge, and returned to their parents to carry them some of the hardships of life, and to be flares goodness and blessing and goodness of this nation.

He said that al-Bayt University, which is deposited vanguard regiment eighteenth of its graduates, to emphasize its continued dedication to the message of science and education, preparation and qualification, training and nurturing talent and skills and refined, in order to graduate generations promising able to generate knowledge and transfer, and the achievement of a knowledge economy, taking care to instill citizenship good in the hearts of students, providing them with everything they need in their lives to come; to remain an ongoing tender, and complete the process in building our country, Jordan; to be a source of radiation intellectual and scientific at all times.

In this beautiful day, I congratulate the nation and its leader on this new achievement, and I congratulate those graduates and their families, and I thank the members of the faculty who were Alaudhaeh jellyfish that inspired minds and souls, including their precious knowledge over the past years.

You are our children graduate, and you Todon this place that Ahtdhankm years, I invite you to that you will be when you think well of you, carrying the highest sense of chivalry, honor and loyalty, you are today the ambassadors of al-Bayt University and messengers at home and abroad, what is more worthy that you will be a measure of responsibility and honesty that you took, calling you every success in the scientific and practical life.

Adam McKenna dear God, the nation, and save his leadership from all harm, and bestowed a blessing on everyone's security and safety, in light of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein, may God protect him.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr Omar Attan: boasts Al Bayt University today and we live Celsius Great Arab Revolt graduation cohort eighteenth of students to be tributary to the country in all fields and a building block for the future prosperous under the leadership of the Hashemite wise, supports science and scientists focused on the construction of academic edifices believes the graduation Youth scientific talent to support the paperwork home, The University Blessed graduates for their achievement and bless their families who provided them with all the help, support and loving and successful family care congratulations to their parents and congratulations to you and Bznodkm homeland.

The graduation was attended by the Vice President Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khalayleh ceremony and Prof. Dr. Ali Abu booty and Prof. Dr. Mohammad Droubi, and Prof. Dr. Salim help and deans of colleges and institutes and a large gathering of people with the students.