Trustees of each House Council determines the hours of the new specialties fees and approves the administrative and financi

Board of Trustees of the University of Al-approved home, which was held under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hamdan and the presence of President of the University Prof. Dr. Ziauddin Arfa to determine the prices of school hours program Master educational policies to become as follows.

- Master educational policies for Jordanian students the normal 50 dinars and the International Programme program 100 dinars and students by non-Jordanians regular program of $ 150 and the International Programme JD 300

It also agreed to set the prices of school hours program Bachelor of medical tests to become students of Jordanian dinars normal 25 program and the program of parallel 45 dinars for the students of non-Jordanians $ 100.

The Council also decided to approve the semi-annual report of the work of financial and administrative university for the period from 07/01/2015 until 12/31/2015, and agreed on the administrative and financial report for the period from 01/07/2016 till 06/30/2016

HE Dr. Mohammed Hamdan praised the renaissance witnessed by the university during the past two years, especially in the disciplines and programs of the new school that meets the need of the market.

Dr. Arafa between that university operating within a realistic and objective fundamental values ​​based analysis of internal and external factors in the application of the philosophy of management by objectives gateway to activate the plan, where the university has seen the movement in scientific research and share scientific conferences scientific strategy and increased scientific promotions ratio and encourage the intellectual, scientific, cultural and artistic activities and student.

The meeting was attended by His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Douiri HE Dr. Mohammed Abu Hammour and Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu finger and Prof. Dr. Ali Adaileh and Prof. Dr. Falah Shdeifat and Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Wreikat and Dr. Maher burned, and he honestly secret Mr. Hussein Bani Hamad.