Land logs sale announcement

Al-Bayt University wants its intention to sell dry logs. Whoever wants to buy according to the following conditions:

1 – Provide a quote / ton.

2- The buyer pays the price of the tonne immediately after weighing on the scales and duly.

3. The buyer shall commit to the removal of dry logs, transport, manpower and weighing (dunks) during official working hours and at his own expense.

4 – The buyer is obligated to pay his due referral fees and any other financial obligations.

5 - The buyer is obliged to pay the value of the damages if caused by it (network and irrigation supplies).

6 – The buyer is obliged to provide a guarantee of good execution (10%)

Deadline for submissions 7 / 7 / 2022

Submitting presentations in the closed envelope and communicating with the Department of Agriculture, Mr. Muwaffaq Al-Masaeed ( 0772409535 )

For inquiries, the Department​