The Quality and Development Center aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. ​​Improving academic performance through organizational practices that achieve quality standards.
  2. Raising awareness among faculty, administrative staff, and students about the concept of quality, and the importance of implementing quality strategies that have a positive impact on educational outcomes and institutional quality.
  3. Providing consultations to faculties, departments, and administrative units at the university to promote and achieve quality assurance criteria.
  4. Establishing the university's​ strategic plans to obtain accreditation certificates for academic programs and ensure compliance with accreditation criteria.
  5. Managing and following up with the newly developed academic programs in the required specializations and ensuring compliance with local and international accreditation criteria.
  6. Establishing a database of academic courses, programs, courses, and degree-granting requirements to serve faculty members, students, and the teaching process.
  7. Managing statistical information related to academic, administrative, and student activities, and preparing statistical studies, reports, and bulletins.
  8. Establishing the university's strategic plan; developing policies, developmental and risk plans; and following up the implementation of the strategic plan.
  9. Promoting the skills and efficiency of faculty members, and improving the learning environment at the university through various training programs and workshops.
  10. Determining training needs and designing training programs for new faculty members to develop their teaching skills.​​