Since its establishment, Al al-Bayt University has been keen to keep up with the Jordanian national strategy for the development of education and scientific research. As such, the Quality and Development Center was established to ensure the excellence of academic and administrative performance at the university accordance with the university'​s vision and mission within quality standards.

The center, consist of specialized departments (Quality Assurance department, Academic Accreditation department, Information and Strategic Planning department, Academic Development department​ ) that play an important role in formulating strategies, achieve quality standards, raise awareness of the concept of quality, and provide the necessary consultation to faculties and various academic and administrative departments of the university to achieve development and quality assurance standards. The center also aims to obtain accreditation certificates for academic programs and ensure compliance with accreditation standards.

Besides, the center manages statistical information related to academic and administrative activities and students; formulating policies, developmental and risk plans; and follows up the implementation of strategic plans. In addition, it aims to develope the skills and efficiency of faculty members, improve the educational environment at the university through various academic programs.

We at the Quality and Development Center believe in the institutional work with all faculties and departments of the university as effective partners in serving the university. Your inquiries, suggestions and comments with the aim of continuous improvement and transforming the vision, mission and goals into achievable implementation plans are welcomed.


Director of the Quality and Development Center
Prof. Muhannad Nazzal

Last Modified 10/26/2023 12:54:37 PM