Faculity Brief

About the Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all financial business at the university in
accordance of Article (5) of the financial system in effect at Al al-Bayt University which
stipulates as follows: “The Finance Department at the university shall be responsible
for all financial work at the university, including the collection of university funds,
follow-up on their collection, and the payment of the financial obligations incurred
by them in accordance with the university’s law, regulations, instructions and
resolutions issued pursuant thereto”. It includes the following divisions: budget,
revenues, expenditures, salaries, insurance, costs, electronic services, bank account
management, auditing, end-of-service benefits, and subsidized projects.

The most important duties of the Finance Department:
1- Carrying out the responsibility of collecting and preserving university funds, the
most important of which are university fees, government support, and rented sites.
2- Paying the university's financial obligations, the most important of which are
salaries, medical bills, refunds of students and external clients.
3- Preparing the university's draft budget, schedules and data.
4- Preparing periodic, monthly and annual reports for the university accounts.
5- Preparing the necessary and various statistics to provide them to the university
administration or the Council of Higher Education for use in making the
necessary decisions.
6- Executing and controlling spending from the university budget.
7- Coordination with various government departments and public institutions, in
order to collect university revenues or pay its obligations.
8- Follow-up the implementation of the financial aspects of the agreements
concluded by the university with external or international parties in a way that
does not contradict the university's regulations and instructions in force.
9- Applying the latest and most advanced accounting methods in implementing
accounting procedures capable of improving employee performance and raising
their competencies.