​Mission and Philosophy Statement

The Faculty of Nursing at Al al-Bayt University derives its vision and philosophy from the overall vision of the AL al-Bayt University, which originally established to combine the scientific knowledge and skills with values, ethics and moral excellence.

The mission of the Faculty of Nursing at Al al-Bayt University is to bring about a qualitative nursing education by focusing on the optimum values that mixed with the scientific knowledge and skills. This vision is translated into the real life by preparing nurses who are capable of providing a high quality of care for individuals and communities within the foundations of respecting cultures and keeping abreast of developments in the global health and science.
The mission of the faculty of Nursing, Princess Salma, encompasses the following themes:

Preparing graduate who are capable of providing the quality of care and acting as a leader and changing agent in her workplace.
Conducte research that contributes to the advancement of eveidence base knowledge and practice in nursing space health problems at all levels.
Act as a role model in transferring the theoretical knowledge into the clinical practice.
Demonstrate excellence in professional nursing practice.
Moral and Ethical Standards:
Adhere to professional standards and code of ethics to optimum values in providing of health care.
Demonstrate tolerance and respect of values from different cultures.
Serving the Community :
Interact with the community and the ever changing community issues.
Establish activities that raise awareness of health and serving the community.