About Department

Community and mental health nursing department is one of three departments at the faculty of nursing.

The goals of the department are to prepare nurses for leadership and advocacy in the health promotion, disease prevention and health restoration of individuals, families and communities. Also, the department is aimed to conduct scientific research to explore the community health needs. Therefore, the Community and Psychiatric Health Nursing Department is committed to achieve its goals by providing nursing students with the adequate knowledge and effective skills. Furthermore, the department is frequently arranging health education counseling and sessions for the community residents in Mafraq and Badia area. The department is also coordinate with the governmental and nongovernmental organization (e.g. WHO) in order to provide health services through arranging health campaigns.

Graduates of Princes Salma Faculty of Nursing are expected to be committed to contribute to the health of the global community as well as the local communities surrounding Al al-Bayt University, such as suburban, rural, and Bedouin communities.

Mohammad Suliman RN PhD

Associate Professor at Faculty of Nursing/ Al al-Bayt University
P.O.Box 130040, Mafraq 25113, Jordan
Tel: +962-2-6297000   Ext: 2857  Fax: +962-2-6297052 (Attn: Dr. Mohammad Suliman)

Email : mbarahemah@aabu.edu.jo