​Engineering Drawing and its Computer Applications Lab


The engineering drawing and its computer applications lab  is constructed over an enclosed area of 60 square meters. It is equipped and supported by technical staff to be suitable for learning the computerized engineering drawing.

Equipments and softwares

Engineering drawing and its computer applications lab equipped by the followings:

  1. 19.5 Acer VM2631-i7 with monitor LED-19.5 MM HHD 1TB Ram 6GB (24 computers).
  2. HP Business Laser Jet 5100TN  printer (1).
  3. BENQ DATA show DX 660 (1).
  4. CALCOMP TechJet 720C Plotter (1).
  5. Autodesk AutoCAD  2010 software (24).
  6. Autodesk 3ds Max  2010 software (24).
  7. Adobe Creative Suite 4 software (24).
  8. Computer Chair (24).
  9. Computer desk (24).



  • Engineering Drawing and its Computer Applications.
  • Computer Applications (1).


The followings are the major activities that can be performed at the engineering drawing and its computer applications lab.

  • Architectural 2d Drawing.
  • Architectural 3d Modeling and Rendering.
  • Poster designing.


Technical Staff

Arch. Duha Jamil olimat

Phone Number: 02-6297000 Ext. 2816

E-mail: Arch-duha@aabu.edu.jo