Freshmen Studio





The freshmen studio is established in the department of Architecture, with an area of approximately 260 square meters. The studio is fully equipped to meet the needs of freshmen, providing them with the following skills:

1. Preparation of engineering drawings in various engineering disciplines.

2. Two-dimensional architectural drawing and presentation, including plans, elevations, and architectural sections.

3. 3D architectural drawing and presentation.

4. Free-hand drawing.

5. Basic skills in architectural design.


Studio equipment:

The freshman studio is provided with appropriate equipment for the hands-on courses. The studio includes the following equipment:

1. 48 drawing tables.

2. 48 stools.

3. Presentation boards.

4. 1 smartboard.

5. 1 Blackboard.

6. Data show projector.




1. Free-Hand sketching -1.

2. Free-Hand sketching -2.

3. Engineering Drawing and Its Computer Applications.

4. Architectural Drawing and Presentation-1.

5. Architectural Drawing and Presentation-2.

6. Introduction to Architectural Design-1.

7. Introduction to Architectural Design-2.


Contact Information:


Studio location: Faculty of Engineering, 2nd floor, studio No. 303

Studio Supervisor: Taher al-Tabari - Faculty of Engineering, 1st floor

 Phone: 02-6297000  Ext.​ 5218