Degree Of Possession Of University Administration At Al ? Bayt University For Strategic Planning Skills
This study aimed at investigating the faculty members think that the administration in Al al-Bayt University has the skills of strategic planning. It also investigates the impact of gender, scientific grade, years of experience, and on such a decision in that. A random sample was chosen, consisting of (83) faculty members. The researchers used the descriptive method. The questionnaire employed in this study consisted of (46) points and divided into five areas (vision, mission, objectives, environmental analysis, and strategic choice). The questionnaire was tested for its validity and stability. The results showed that the faculty members think that the level of applying strategic planning skills by Al al-Bayt University administration is medium. Based on the answers from the faculty members, the variables gender, grade and experience do not receive statistically significant differences on the degree of strategic planning skills applied by at Al al-Bayt University administration office. The study therefore suggested the researchers ecommended There should be an increasing of the faculty members concerning strategic planning skills; the staff should be informed about the strategic plan of the university and should be involved in development of the strategic plan of the university and holding training courses to draw their attention to strategic planning skills.
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