Pleased to offer  the college's  mission,  objectives, structure, departments,  specializations, plans of study, degrees,  granted certificates , and academic members. This site  gives a clear view of the overall role, activities and  the faculty's future vision .

 It aims at achieving a continuous communication among the faculty students, employees ,  peers,  and institutes.

   Moreover, the Faculty is eager to follow up the students' suggestions that evolves from their creative thoughts and purposeful dialogues to improve this site and serve their needs.

 An assessment of the Faculty outputs at each stage and at intervals must be provided to benefit from the results of the evaluation; and to make the required purposeful change, diversity and innovation, since each task requires a constant communication with all stakeholders to work as a team according to a realistic plan that can be achieved.

  The Faculty has also drawn a new plan to develop the role of Practical Education Program and field training in coordination and cooperation between officials involved in the University and the Departments of Education in the Province and the Ministry of Education in order to improve the quality of the output as  qualified graduate.

Faculty Dean

Prof. Youssef Musa Miqdadi

Last Modified 9/20/2023 11:27:56 AM