The Language Center incorporates the following academic sections:

1. University requirements .

This section is responsible for teaching the various University Language requirements .These requirements include the following Languages : Arabic , English, Spanish , Italian , French , Germain, Turkish , Persian  .

University students of all majors are required to take 2 courses in English and to other courses in Arabic after passing a level Exam in these two languages.  They are required also to take one course ( 3 credit hours ) from one of the other foreign languages offered by the Language Center

2.  Arabic for foreigners :

This section is responsible for teaching Arabic for foreigners . The staff in this section are especially trained as teachers of Arabic as a foreign Language . The material ( electronic , visual , text ) is particularly designed for the purpose of meeting the needs of foreign students academically and culturally . The courses offered ( see programs ) vary in length , cost and focus .

3.  Labs and Educational Resources : 

This section caters for the management of the Language Center Laboratories , Audio – Visual rooms , computer resources as well as the Riwaq , the special unit for foreign students activities . It also helps in coordinating the activities that require photography , course design and preparation of authentic teaching material .