The Language Center at Al al–Bayt University is considered one of the most vital academic units. It serves Al al-Bayt University internally and externally. On the one hand, it serves all students at the University by offering courses in all the University Language requirements. The Language Center currently caters for the following language requirements

* Arabic       *  Italian         * English               * French

* German     * Turkish         * Spanish          *  Persian   

    The center has appointed a highly specialized team of instructors. Some are working according to bilateral agreements with certain countries. Our thirty teachers at the Language Center save no effort to develop students’ abilities in the four basic language skills.

    The Language Center also provides language teachers and learners with the necessary learning aids. The language laboratory section is well equipped with modern audio-visual equipment to facilitate the teaching process. The laboratory section consists of six main labs for group learning, five of which are hi-tech a la mode multimedia language labs. The section also has individual-learning units for self-study, as well as a video room and a resource room full of teaching materials in all the various languages taught at the Language Center. It also has a modern well-equipped studio unit which does all the recording for university activities in video form. It also helps our teachers develop and record their teaching material.

    The Languages Center is now connected to the internet. We also intend to expand our site to give information about the center, its activities and plans. In addition, the center is looking forward to developing a site which will make learning Arabic for non-Arabs through distant-learning possible.

    The Language Center is also responsible for the administration of the English Placement Examination for all newly admitted bachelor degree students, as well as the qualifying and proficiency exams in Arabic and English languages for all master degree students. Finally and most importantly, the Language Center is best reputed for its Arabic for foreigners programs. Our programs have gained a great deal of recognition and accreditation both internally and internationally. Most of our clients are competent enough to enroll in the University Degree BA programs upon their graduation from the Language Center program. Students who join us usually recommend our programs for many of their friends and colleagues. The Language Center is proud to have some well-established agreements for student exchange with some dignified institutions in several countries around the globe. We are always working to widen our net of connections with remarkable universities and or agencies by reaching mutually accepted agreements and contracts for student exchange programs.