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The Language Center at Al al-Bayt University was established with the establishement of the university in 1994, and it is one of the largest centers in the university that offers a number of programs such as the Arabic language programs for non-Arabic speakers and the qualifying program in the English language for postgraduates. The center also holds language courses and a summer camp for non-Arabic speakers.

The Language Center receives a large number of international students and graduate students to acquire language skills both in English and Arabic.

The Language Center at the university has been working hard since its inception for improving the Arabic language program for non-native speakers, and this program is implemented through international agreements with foreign academic institutions and universities. The language laboratories, curricula and learning resources also serve the educational process at the Language Centre. 

Above all, the Language Center supervises all extracurricular activities accompanying the curriculum for international students inside and outside the university and that help them coexist with the local community, which enhances cultural exchange among different cultures and backgrounds.

The management of the center is looking forward to amending the instructions for the language center and providing the appropriate infrastructure for the educational process, in addition to creating an online program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers remotely.


Director of the Language Center

Dr. Yousef abu Dalbouh​

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