College vision

      Excellence in education, scientific research, and community development at the local, regional and global levels.


      College message

     Providing particular educational and research programs, keeping pace with technical develop creativity, critical            thinking and scientific method skills, achieving knowledge diversity, and preparing appropriate qualified                       ​human resources capable of serving and developing society, and meeting the needs of the labor market.

       College goals:

  1. Providing qualified human resources who are capable of meeting the needs of the knowledge society and the labor market and contributing to sustainable development.
  2. Concentrating on scientific research and postgraduate studies to serve societies.
  3. Develop the administration in the college to ensure its ability to manage change and raise the level of performance.
  4. Providing a distinctive educational infrastructure.
  5. The optimal use of modern technologies and the transformation to electronic management.
  6. Strengthening connections with relevant local community institutions and providing them scientific advices.
  7. Follow up on quality standards and academic accreditation in the college and its departments.
  8. Achieving justice in making decisions.​