​Mission and Philosophy Statement

 Leadership and excellence in nursing education, scientific research, and community service at the local, regional and international levels.

To provide high quality programs that allow graduates holding a bachelor's degree and postgraduate studies in nursing to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become competent nurses capable of providing a distinguished quality service based on scientific evidence at the local, regional and global levels through learning, education and scientific research practice and community participation.

The philosophy of the College of Nursing stems from its mission to assume responsibility in preparing students who are able to provide high-quality health care and have the ability to scientific inquiry, critical thinking, logical analysis, and adherence to professional ethics by providing distinguished academic programs and courses.

Preparing graduates who are able to excel in nursing and health professional practice by adhering to international and local professional standards and codes of conduct for optimal values in health care delivery.
Demonstrating tolerance and respect for values, valuing good citizenship, voluntary work, respect for opinion and other opinion and respect for other cultures.
Cooperation with the local community to support health, nursing and social issues to raise health awareness for the local community in partnership with relevant institutions locally and internationally, which contributes to sustainable development.
Supporting the teaching and learning process in terms of content and application for the bachelor's and master's levels according to quality standards and the development of new programs that suit the requirements of society and the knowledge and technological development taking place in teaching methods, practical training and building human expertise to enhance the student's abilities to acquire scientific knowledge.
Strengthening and continuity of creating a diverse environment for scientific research within national priorities and focusing on creativity, leadership and innovation.
Continuity and expansion of the financial and material resources of the College.
Continuous improvement of student services provided at the college by promoting a diverse and interactive environment that meets the academic and non-academic needs of students.
Continuity of work to obtain quality assurance certificates and achieve advanced positions in local and international classifications.