The faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences was established in 1998 to achieve the university goals in accordance with the Royal Decree of establishing Al al-Bayt University which states:

    ​"There is an urgent need for a new, distinguished university that combines science and its methods of research and teaching on the one hand, and the requirements of faith, belief and transparency of vision on the other hand. A university that establishes a state of compatibility and harmony between these combined data, so that it forms the personality of an integrated Muslim person, in harmony with environment and  civilization" (quoted from the Royal Decree, 1992).

In 1995, due to the location of Al al-Bayt University in a desert area containing many natural resources such as groundwater, rocks and mineral ores, the Water and Environment Strategic Research Unit was established to carry out scientific research related to groundwater exploration, water harvesting, dams, groundwater monitoring, environmental impact, agriculture and groundwater pollution. The unit was provided with advanced equipment and laboratories. It has achieved a good reputation at the local and regional levels and has participated in many developmental and environmental projects that have benefited the university and the governorate.

The achievements of the Strategic Research Unit for Water and Environment were encouraging to establish the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences in 1998 . The faculty offered a master's program after a year of establishment in the field of water resources and environment. In 2000, a bachelor program was introduced  in earth sciences and applied environment, aiming to prepare students specializing in geology, water resources and environment, and conducting studies related to water and various fields of earth and environmental sciences such as minerals and industrial rocks, geophysics, dams, fossils, statistical geology, ground energy, structural geology, water chemistry and sedimentary rocks. The Faculty was supplemented with qualified faculty members in various fields of geology and environment. Their research papers focused on mineral resources, rocks, water and the environment in the Jordanian desert and in Jordan in general.               

In 2014, a Bachelor's program in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing ((GIS & RS) was launched, which is a distinguished program at the local and regional levels. There is also a master's program in applied geology, and we look forward to expanding postgraduate programs in the field of economically profitable mineral resources, sustainable development, environment, geographic information systems and remote sensing to keep pace with the economic developments and meet the needs of local and regional markets. Mafraq city is witnessing economic development after being announced a special economic zone, demanding qualified cadres in all fields, as reflected in the migration of refugees to maintain the huge burden on its various resources, whether natural or unnatural. This constitutes a clear challenge for researchers and postgraduate students to evaluate these resources and maximize their benefits.

Several studies were carried out in the faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences in the field of ancient environments and ancient climate, funded by European supportive agencies. The faculty has participated in many international and local conferences, workshops and seminars. It also participated in research projects funded by UNESCO, the European Union and the World Bank related to mineral resources, geothermal energy, wastewater treatment and reuse, and the use of information technology to prepare specialized cadres in the environment, minerals and water sector.

The faculty, with its teaching and administrative staff, is looking forward to achieving scientific goals as part of a prestigious academic institution and to contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development, which will reflect the benefits on students, the university and the local community.

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