The Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences (FEES) has been established in 2001. Its establishment has come to achieve the university objectives and from " the crucial needs for a new distinguished type of universities that combine between the sciences and its methodologies in research and teaching from one side and requisites the faith, beliefs and vision transparency from other side, and establishes a state of compatibility and harmony between these facts together to form eventually the personality integral Muslim human in harmony with its environment and culture (Royal will for Al al-Bayt University, 1992)".

In 1995, due to the location of the AABU in desert area that has numerous natural resources such as groundwater, the university has established the Strategic Researches Unit for Water and Environment (SRUWER) to implement scientific studies and researches relevant to groundwater exploration, water harvesting, dam studies, groundwater monitoring, EIA, vegetation and groundwater contamination. The Unit was supplied by advanced laboratories and equipments.  And has gained a good reputation at local and regional scale.

The achievements of the SRUWER was led in 2001 to establish the Faculty of Earth and Environmental sciences (FEES). The IEES started by a Master (MSc) Program in water and environmental resources. Two years later and in 2003 a bachelor (BSc) program in Applied earth and environmental sciences has been commenced. The main objective is to prepare specialists in geology, water resources and environment, and implementing the studies relating water and different geological fields such as industrial mineral and rocks, geophysics, dams, paleontology, geo-statistics, geothermal,  structural geology, hydrochemistry and sedimentary rocks. The Faculty was provided by a high-quality staff members in different fields of geology and environment, their researches were oriented towards water, environment and geological issues in the desert area and Jordanian badia.

In 2014, a BSc program in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing has been launched as a pioneer and unique program in the region. It provides the local market by a qualified specialists in GIS and RS.

FEES have also a MSc program in applied geology and aiming to have a new academic program in near future, such as GIS and remote sensing. This is to go together with the economical development for the local and regional market needs, since, Mafraq is witnessing a qualitative economical development after the royal decree that declared Mafraq as a special economical zone which is expected to have several industries that eventually need qualified personnel in all fields.

Several Master thesis in the field of paleo- environment and paleo-climate studies have been conducted and funded by European agencies. FEES participates in different local and international conferences, workshops and seminars. FEES participated in several research projects funded by UNESCO, European agencies and International Bank relevant to waste water treatment, re-use and using Information Technology for preparing specialists in water sector.

FEES provides the local community, local and national institutions by different services such as training courses in GIS and RS, awareness environmental lectures, geophysical consultations and many others. IEES is looking to have new academic programs and working on the development of undergraduate study plans to achieve the international quality assurance and  international accreditation requirements (e.g ABET).


Prof. Dr. Hani Al Amoush

Dean, of  Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Phone: + 962-2-6297000 Extant:3130
Cell phone: + 962 777784339


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