Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing (GIS & RS), we are part  of the Earth and Environmental Sciences College (EESC), The department is distinguished as the only one among Jordanian universities that teaches geographic information systems and remote sensing at the bachelor's level, and it is the first in the region to have this distinguished academic specialization, luckily we have started the  master's program in Geographic Information Sciences to be a distinctive qualitative addition in this field of knowledge. 

The department's scientific research policy has been built on two important pillars. The first is to meet the needs of the local market, both in the public and private sectors, from the requirements and techniques of geographic information sciences at various levels of planning, whether strategic, tactical or operational. For this, many distinguished researches have been conducted in important areas. Such as crisis and disaster management, urban planning, agriculture, strengthening the critical infrastructure network,  hydrology , as well as providing effective scientific solutions to the problems of the environment, pollution, desertification and many others, 

The second is the integration of modern and advanced technologies specialized in the fields of knowledge for geographic information sciences and remote sensing into the academic plans of the bachelor's and master's programs. The most important examples of this are the presence of specialized courses in the field of aerial photography techniques using drones, laser remote sensing techniques, microwave remote sensing, and courses Building advanced and advanced geographic databases, programming courses in remote sensing, geographic information systems, and many others. 


Everything that was mentioned in this hurry does not cover all aspects of excellence in the GIS and remote sensing department. We still have a lot to tell you about, such as the excellence of faculty members, laboratory supervisors and administrative staff, in addition to the excellence of our graduates in terms of scientific knowledge and professional qualification that we are proud of. Therefore, we invite you to communicate with us. Our hands are open to all of you in order to achieve what is best for all of us in this important and distinguished field of knowledge. 






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