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You are welcome at the Geographic Information System Remote Sensing Department (GIS and RS). We are part of Earth and Environmental Science Institute (EESI). where is the GIS and RS department represents the aforementioned discipline of the institute in research and teaching

The research focuses on the application of remote sensing and information systems, including basic research necessary for this. The focus is the development and investigation of methods for the qualitative and quantitative condition assessment, monitoring, spatial modeling, visualization and analysis of natural resources, environmental, monitor pollution and disaster management.

The implementation and use of these methods to develop new applications in the practice or to explore new scientific questions will be given great importance. Other priorities are to check the effect of new technologies in planning and developing new technological offerings for geology and environmental applications.

Teaching has its focus in the mediation of the possible and appropriate application of remote sensing and spatial information systems in forestry and in relevant disciplines (eg application of remote sensing, landscape planning and GIS, nature conservation, database management).

All students of institute are getting tought the foundations and the practical application of remote sensing and spatial information conveyed in the procedures used for the collection, analysis and presentation of environment related data.  For students interested earing further knowledge in digital image processing, GIS databases, analytical and digital photogrammetry and their applications in the framework of environmental, tourism and landscape planning special courses and seminars are offered. Special emphasis in training is placed on the teaching of practical skills and knowledge in the application of the devices and software programs.

Dr. Ali No​uh
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